ToitMoiNous - An intergenerational and mixed community


ToitMoiNous - An intergenerational and mixed community

Mismatches Cultural suitability Diversity New family structures
Urban Design Participatory processes
Promotion and production Public promotion Public-private partnerships Self-management Cooperatives

Main objectives of the project

In Villeneuve-d’Ascq, near Lille, a unique hybrid housing complex and cooperative scheme called "ToitMoiNous" accommodates multiple generations. Assisted by "Notre Logis," residents participated in designing the building, which blends social, assisted, and private housing. What sets it apart are the shared spaces like a garden and guest studio, fostering connection among the 40 residents. A "common life charter" promotes solidarity, cultural acceptance, consensus decision-making, sustainability, and inclusivity across generations.


  • 2011: Construction


  • Promotor: ToitMoiNous
  • Notre Logis


Continent: Europe
Country/Region: France, Lille


Formed in June 2011, the association "Habitat groupeté solidaire" initiated the "ToitMoiNous" project, initially targeting seniors but later expanding to include younger families, thus becoming intergenerational. By early 2016, the group comprised 22 families, including 10 retirees, totaling 30 adults and 15 children aged 1 to 17. Membership evolves over time, with new members joining via a coaptation protocol and agreement to the "charter of common life," committing to solidarity and tolerance principles.

Situated on rue du 8 mai 1945 in Villeneuve d'Ascq, the building encompasses 22 housing units, including apartments and intermediate housing for families. Seven units are designated for social rental, 10 for rental-accession, and four for free access. Collective spaces include a common room for activities, a guest room, laundry facilities, a garden, and a workshop.

Shared spaces, tools, and service exchanges are integral to all members' commitments. Each household contributed to the building's architectural design, partnering with the architect. The project is supported by the social landlord "Notre Logis" under a predefined agreement delineating responsibilities and preserving association members' autonomy.

The ToitMoiNous association annually elects its office and board of directors, conducting monthly meetings where various commissions handle tasks. Decisions, preferably achieved through consensus, are made by qualified majority vote. Commissions cover "green spaces," "well-being," "communication," and "recruitment and reception of new members."

Tenant participation in decisions is facilitated through delegation from the lessor. The association may engage non-resident members for neighborhood activities.

As a hub for exchanges and shared experiences, group housing promotes openness, citizenship, and ecology. Solidarity is a core value, fostering better communal living while respecting privacy and active city engagement. A Charter outlines fundamental values and reciprocal commitments, while internal regulations govern group housing implementation. Embracing sustainable development, the project integrates energy-efficient standards, proximity to amenities, services, leisure, and public transport.