The Slottet Housing Group


The Slottet Housing Group

Main objectives of the project

A housing group of three 4- and 5 story buildings inspired by, and with concern for the urban qualities of the surrounding villa-like multistory residential quarters - a contemporary interpretation of the the urban villa motif.


  • 2000: Construction


  • Architect: Matt White
  • Architect: Henrik Jais-Nielsen


Continent: Europe
Country/Region: Sweden


Slottsvången is a housing group just outside the centre of Helsingborg. The group consists of three buildings of 4 and 5 floors, and contains a total of 34 flats. The top floors of the three buildings are designed as penthouses. The surroundings, which inspired the design of the new project, consist of the monumental school Slottsvångsskolan and an area with multi-family housing that resemble single-family houses. The design of the new housing group is an interpretation of the motif the urban villa, or single-family house, in a park with a large area of well-kept grass.
Slottsvången is a group of residential buildings located approximately 600 m from the center of Helsingborg. 34 apartments are distributed in three buildings of 4 and 5 floors. The top floors are designed as penthouses, with reclusive façades and large roof terraces. The surrounding area consists of a large school of monumental character, the Slottsvångsskolan, as well as a cohesive area of villa-like apartment buildings. It is to a certain extent the vicinity and the concern of these surroundings that motivates the chosen design. It allows for sight lines, lets in the sun in the neighboring streets and gardens, and is a contemporary interpretation of the motif the urban villa. The houses are characterized by large patios with varied placement, mutually offset so that they all catch the sun. The façades are made of lightweight walls plastered white, with touches of natural colored cement composite panels, mounted with edges horizontally overlapping, as clapboards.
Below the two larger houses along the St. Peder’s street is a garage, technical areas and storage units.