Orcasitas Settlement


Orcasitas Settlement

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Main objectives of the project

Improving energy efficiency and comfort in buildings and housing




Continent: Europe
City: Madrid
Country/Region: Madrid, Spain


The case of the Poblado Dirigido de Orcasitas is one of these good examples. Thanks to the impetus of the Guetaria Neighbourhood Association of the Poblado Dirigido and the strong commitment and leadership of its president, Manuela Navarro, 107 blocks of flats and 62 single-family houses are immersed in an interesting refurbishment process with the aim of improving their energy efficiency.
Fifty buildings have already been completely refurbished, 16 are currently under construction and the rest are awaiting the start of work, which in all cases will be carried out with European aid and subsidies (Next Generation funds) and from Madrid City Council. 3,127 families in this poor neighbourhood in the south of Madrid will benefit from this urban transformation, improving their quality of life and reducing energy-related costs. So far, 1,640 families have already benefited.

Today, the Poblado Dirigido de Orcasitas has become the first near-zero energy neighbourhood in Spain. Thanks to the mobilisation of the neighbours, the works undertaken to remove parapets, asbestos and install thermal insulation have achieved a 58% reduction in CO2 emissions. Of course, they have also improved the energy rating of the properties from E to C, with a corresponding increase in the value of the homes as a result of the improvements.
In addition to the comfort gained in the properties, which maintain a constant temperature of 19 degrees inside, residents report significant savings on their energy bills as a result of the refurbishment work.

Between 60 and 70% of these works have been subsidised by the Madrid City Council, while the remaining 30% have been financed by credit institutions, a channel specialised in refurbishment and rehabilitation of UCI (Unión de Créditos Inmobiliarios), an entity specialised in sustainable housing financing.