Housing Europe Observatory and The State of the Housing in Europe


Housing Europe Observatory and The State of the Housing in Europe

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Main objectives of the project

The Housing Europe Observatory, it serves as a key resource for data, statistics, and best practices in public, cooperative, and social housing across the continent. Their biennial "State of Housing in Europe" report provides comprehensive insights into housing conditions continent-wide, with each edition focusing on a specific theme.


  • 1998: Implementation


  • Housing Europe


Continent: Europe
Country/Region: Belgium, Brussels


Housing Europe, the European Federation of Public, Cooperative, and Social Housing, has been a pivotal network since its establishment in 1988, comprising 42 national and regional federations, along with 15 partnering organizations across 31 European countries. Collectively, they oversee approximately 25 million homes, representing about 11% of the continent's existing dwellings. Their collective vision entails ensuring access to decent and affordable housing for all, fostering socially, economically, and environmentally sustainable communities that empower individuals to realize their full potential.

The Housing Europe Observatory, initiated over 25 years ago, serves as the research arm of the Federation and serves as a primary source for data, statistics, and key insights into public, cooperative, and social housing throughout Europe. The Observatory produces specialized reports covering various aspects such as social housing for young people, addressing vacant housing, financing social housing projects, and accommodating aging populations within social housing complexes. These reports are enriched with exemplary practices drawn from Housing Europe's partners.

A cornerstone of their research efforts is the biennial "State of Housing in Europe" report, which provides a comprehensive overview of housing conditions across European countries. Each edition focuses on a specific theme; for instance, the 2023 report delved into the role of public, cooperative, and social housing in facilitating a fair energy transition and mitigating the impacts of the current cost of living crisis on residents and communities.

Together, the Housing Europe Observatory and the "State of Housing in Europe" report serve as vital sources of information, offering unparalleled insights into the functioning and performance of the social housing sector across Europe.