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Dublin Housing Observatory

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Main objectives of the project

The Dublin Housing Observatory (DHO) is a pioneering research unit within Dublin City Council, guided by an independent advisory board. It leads the council's efforts in housing, planning, economic development, inclusion, and integration, with a dedicated team reporting to senior management. Committed to providing evidence-based insights, the DHO strives to create an affordable and sustainable living environment in Dublin by fortifying housing policies with robust empirical foundations and managing crucial data on pricing, rentals, vacancies, zoning laws, etc.


  • 2019: Implementation


  • Dublin City Council
  • AIRO


Continent: Europe
City: Dublin
Country/Region: Dublin, Ireland


The Dublin Housing Observatory (DHO), a novel research unit within Dublin City Council, is steered by an independent advisory board and spearheads the council's multifaceted approach to housing, planning, economic development, inclusion, and integration. It comprises a dedicated team of three professionals under senior management's guidance, reporting to the Deputy Chief Executive in Housing and Community Services.

At its core, the DHO is committed to furnishing evidence that informs housing policy and enhances operational efficacy. Embracing its mission to foster an affordable and sustainable living environment in Dublin, the Observatory strives to fortify housing and urban development strategies with rigorous empirical foundations. It acts as a custodian of crucial data encompassing pricing trends, rental landscapes, vacant properties, and zoning dynamics.

With a clear vision in mind, the Dublin Housing Observatory delineates four primary objectives. Firstly, it aims to bolster Dublin City Council's efforts in delivering top-tier social and affordable housing solutions while nurturing sustainable communities. Secondly, it positions itself as a vibrant knowledge-exchange hub, fostering dialogue and collaboration in policy design, analysis, and implementation within the realms of housing and urban development. Furthermore, the DHO serves as a pivotal research nexus, generating insights crucial for evidence-based decision-making across housing and its allied domains, including planning, economic development, inclusion, and integration. Lastly, it assumes the mantle of a data navigator, offering stakeholders, the public, and elected representatives an objective compass through the intricate dynamics of Dublin's housing system and market.

Since its inception, the Dublin Housing Observatory has made significant strides. From the launch of a comprehensive Mapping Viewer, in partnership with AIRO and OSi, to the publication of an insightful report on the city's Rapid Build Programme, the Observatory has enriched public discourse and policymaking with invaluable data and analysis. Moreover, its contributions extend to informing strategic initiatives, supporting departmental reviews, and fostering collaborative events attended by national and international stakeholders, reinforcing its pivotal role in shaping Dublin's housing landscape.