Mikrofond EAD and Habitat for Humanity in Bulgaria


Mikrofond EAD and Habitat for Humanity in Bulgaria

Promotion and production

Main objectives of the project


  • 2008: Construction


  • Promotor: Mikrofond EAD
  • Promotor: Habitat for Humanity


Continent: Europe
City: Bulgaria
Country/Region: Bulgaria


In 2008, the Habitat for Humanity International established a partnership with Mikrofond EAD, a microfinance organization in Bulgaria that focuses on underserved regions and communities.

They have run a project together to deliver housing microfinance services to clients in housing poverty throughout Bulgaria.[1]

Before the partnership, Mikrofond offered only business loans, but it saw an opportunity to introduce consumer loans for home improvements. The size of the loans provided was EUR 1,750 (USD 2,365) and the average payment duration is 31 months.

Habitat for Humanity Bulgaria (http://hfh.bg/bg/) and Mikrofond also jointly provide financial education programmes to their clients. These cover budgeting, saving, debt management and financial planning, along with raising clients’ awareness about the benefits and risks of using credit.

[1] Habitat for Humanity, “Shelter Report 2014” (see sect. Microfinance for self-building and modernising housing, footnote 175).