JAspern - Cohousing in Vienna


JAspern - Cohousing in Vienna

Promotion and production Self-management Self-construction Cooperatives

Main objectives of the project

In Seestadt Aspern, located in Vienna, certain areas were designated for construction groups, leading to the implementation of a cohousing project by the JAspern construction group. This project consists of 18 residential units and stands out as one of the pioneering participatory housing initiatives in Seestadt Aspern. Noteworthy features include adherence to the highest energy standards, akin to passive house levels, as well as exceptional user comfort. Furthermore, the project embraces an innovative socio-cultural approach to community living and boasts a comprehensive building ecology concept, making it a well-rounded success.


  • 2014: Construction


  • Architect: POS


Continent: Europe
City: Vienna
Country/Region: Austria, Vienna


Vienna boasts a rich history of social housing, yet experiences of cohousing are relatively uncommon. JAspern represents a departure from the norm, paving the way for new community-building approaches. Remarkably, this project is not led by a traditional developer but rather by a collective of 18 pioneering families who collaborated closely with architects and constructors to bring their vision to life.

The building itself adheres to rigorous PassivHouse standards, ensuring exceptional quality. Notably, features such as point-supported ceilings, a flexible facade grid, and spacious room heights of 2.8 meters enhance adaptability in terms of usage, apartment layouts, and room sizes. Urban ecological considerations are also prominent, with provisions for urban gardening and extensive green roof areas. At the heart of the building lies a vibrant roof terrace equipped with a meeting lounge, a launderette, and spaces for urban gardening, fostering daily activities such as gardening, grilling, socializing, and celebrations.

Furthermore, JAspern served as a testing ground for the quality assurance tool "monitor aspern seestadt," underscoring its commitment to ongoing improvement and innovation. The building features a central ventilation system with highly efficient heat recovery and individual volume flow control in each apartment. Energy supply is bivalent, utilizing both district heating and heat pumps.

Facilitating community engagement is the JAspern salon, a versatile multifunctional space standing at four meters high and optimized acoustically and climatically. This space, capable of accommodating up to 60 people, serves as a hub for both the house community and external individuals, hosting a diverse range of activities and events. Additionally, the building incorporates amenities such as a communal workshop, conveniently accessible via a ramp from the courtyard, and a bicycle garage located in the bustling basement area.