HousingLab, Italy


HousingLab, Italy

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Main objectives of the project

HousingLab is a research, experimentation and development laboratory for collaborative and sustainable housing. It was born as a project of the Design and Innovation for Sustainability Unit of the Politecnico di Milano but it wants to be a laboratory that operates in and for society. It is a research lab but also a place that offers consulting services and coaching for public administrations, private builders and mostly for inhabitants and cooperatives. As an association, its objective is to foster good practices in the field of participatory and cooperative housing.


  • 2014: Implementation


  • HousingLab


Country/Region: Italy


HousingLab is an association dedicated to promoting best practices, sharing expertise, and fostering participatory experimentation in the field of social and collaborative housing. HousingLab focuses on various areas, including new housing models for diverse family structures, collaborative services for living, urban communities, public and private spaces, regeneration of existing housing contexts, and the social, environmental, and economic sustainability of both housing and relationships.

To achieve these goals, the Association plans to undertake the following non-profit activities:

a) Promote and organize cultural activities such as conferences, fairs, exhibitions, seminars, competitions, events, and visits related to social and collaborative housing.

b) Promote, organize, and provide training activities, including theoretical and practical courses, and workshops, even for non-members, in schools of all levels and universities.

c) Create a network of national and international stakeholders to share and exchange ideas and experiences on relevant topics. Through constructive dialogue, they aim to develop and disseminate best practices.

d) Publish and distribute articles, books, publications, and videos in both digital and print formats on the topic of social and collaborative housing.

One of its most important tools is the Map of Co-housings in Italy.This map geolocates various cohousing projects across the country, each accompanied by an informational sheet. The goal of the map is to provide an overview of the spread of cohousing in Italy. It aims to introduce this innovative way of living to newcomers and to connect existing projects. Moreover, they have the co-housing lab, where they help individuals who are willing to start their cohousing cooperative. Thanks to it, they have developed a toolkit to help future partners to face their decisions.